Barcode Entertainment

The Barcode Crew, also known as BCC or Barcode Entertainment, is a hip-hop label founded by Lektikos Epeksergastis (Andreas Marnézos) in 1998. Starting in 2002, Lektikos decided to invest in Greek hip-hop, creating the first independent and underground music company for hip-hop producers called "Lektikoepeksergastiki."

After the passing of Lektikos Epeksergastis in 2011, the label became inactive until 2020 when his son, Iraklis, also a rapper known by the pseudonym Rack, brought it back into the spotlight.

Today, Barcode Entertainment stands proudly as one of the most successful labels in Greece, with its roster primarily composed of multiplatinum and diamond-certified artists such as Rack, Immune, and the talented urban pop singer and performer, LILA. With their immense commercial success and widespread acclaim, these artists have solidified Barcode Entertainment's position as a powerhouse within the Greek music industry.