Rack. The name that the entire country of Greece has come to know and love. That is the name of the superstar artist who managed to break decades-old music records gathering more than 13 certified diamond singles in Greece along with multiple platinum and gold awards.

The Athens-born rapper has taken the entire country by storm. By focusing on his father’s legacy, while making sure to develop his instantly recognizable style, Rack has been able to cement his mark and unique style in a country where the rap scene is undergoing a transition in culture. He first broke into the scene with a series of single releases, including records such as Barcode, Kathikon, and Davayultimately releasing his first album project titled Rackattack which to this date has been heard by 6x the total population of Greece! 2022 also saw the release of his second studio album project RACKATTACK 2 with the international hit FAVELA. But Rack has no intention of slowing down, collaborating with Greece’s other superstar, Konstantinos Argiros on 2022’s biggest song Telika. Moreover, his 2024 EP "GRANDE" topped the Greek digital charts followed by his latest album EGO THERAPY which featured seven of the biggest names in the contemporary Greek rap and pop scene.

While Rack may be rapping in Greek, he is a magnetic artist, smart, and committed to his audience, enabling him to find listeners across borders in countries like Germany, Italy, Cyprus, The United Kingdom, and the United States.